This website has been pestered by oiks or spamming 'robots' who register and then post annoying advertising messages instead of sensible queries. To discourage or prevent this,  to register, I would like you to answer three simple questions to prove that you are a human being not a spamming robot-program.

Using the words in the table below construct the gateway key from your answers and type it into the key box. Then click the [Press to Enter] button.  If your key is wrong, you will see a "Page not Found" error page, use your back button to get back to this page for another go.

To register on the web-site
please type the key

Note: If you enter the wrong key
you will get "Page not Found".
Use your Back-button to try again.

Make the key from the answers to these questions.
Write numbers as digits not words.
1. The first word is a Game.
2. The second word is a Flower
3. The third is the biggest number in the table.
Licence Presume Scavenge Sycamore Flotilla
Bush Derrik Five Cricket Cloven
Cauldron BASIC BBC Fortythree Armadillo
Arthritis Prehistoric Sadism Nordic Muck
Mummy Azure Blair Dermatitis Muddy
Lozenge Lucifer Fir Juggle Snowdrop
Seven Windows Javelin Pen Ink
Sword Queen Guppy Oyster Omega