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By Procedure for getting onto Search Engines.
Bill Williams

Edit MessageUploaded - 18 Jun 2002 01:48

Procedure for getting your website onto Search Engines.

0. Make sure you have a good starting page ready, preferably with Keywords etc in the Header Metatags
1. visit each significant search engine in turn.
2. on each site study the small-print links until you find one called "Add URL" or similar, roam the site until you find the little bugger,
3. Click on said link & fill in the form, sometimes small forms, sometimes incredibly tedious forms.
4. Press the submit button
5. Observe the response which is mostly lies about how quickly your site might be indexed.
6. wait up to 6 weeks trying each significant search engine weekly and testing to see if your site is now listed.
7. for each search engine which has lost your submission (most of them), repeat from step 2.


Sometimes if you are lucky and if you put a link to your new site, from and old site, which the search engines happen to re-scan, then your new site might be listed without hand submission.


To search for
a particular item or
a particular place
type a word or the
name of the place
in the find box near
the top of page
and click the
FIND button.


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