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By Windows XP, Service Pack 2, Firewall
Bill Williams

Edit MessageUploaded - 27 Aug 2004 12:28

For those Windows XP systems set on automatic updating, the installation of Service Pack 2 will be done on a staggered basis, starting now, last week or anyway sometime round about now. For those on dial-up rather than broadband, it is likely to take ages to do. I think, that every time you go online it will do a bit more.

The online update does only what needs to be done on top of whatever patches you already have in place. So there are shorter downloads if you are up-to-date.

When it is installed it activates its new firewall, even on your local network connections (before the firewall was only on the dialup connections). This may stop some of your programs and facilities from working.

In general it will be a good idea to work out all the Exceptions that you need, but for diagnostic purposes, you can easily turn the firewall off. Open Control Panel, select Classic View (rather than Category View) and click the Windows Firewall icon. You will then see the on/off switch. The Exceptions (i.e. holes to make through the firewall are on a tab at the top. The General tab also has a link at the bottom where you can read more about the firewall.

It is likely to clash with other firewall software.


Revised on 27 Aug 2004

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