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By Importing an old script
Sleeruk Edit MessageUploaded - 5 Aug 2005 23:12

I Intend to import my sitcom script into it for starters!



Bill Williams

Edit MessageUploaded - 5 Aug 2005 23:13

Hmmm, the templates are designed to be used from the beginning of typing the script. It's possible but not easy to do an import & it involves a lots of fecking about anyway. You might find it easier to retype your script after starting a NEW DOCUMENT based on one of my templates.

Importing an existing script is not a good way to learn about the templates, but if you want to save on the actual typing, this is the way to do it.

(a) Start a new script as per the instructions , including typing in all your character names into the person table, but do not type any directions or dialog yet.

(b) keeping the new empty script open, also open your old script in MS Word, set the two document windows so that they are not full screen then stretch & squish them so that they each occupy half the screen area, with the old script on top and the new template-based one on the bottom. [Using a right click on empty space on the START bar and select "Tile Windows Horizontally" can achieve this.]

(c) Click in the new one at the end of scene 1 header line & press RETURN
you would now normally type the initial Directions for the scene, but instead of typing them, use your mouse to highlight them on the old script and then drag&drop into the new script.

(d) then on the new script press the key combination for the first speaker and then drag&drop his/her dialogue from the old script to the new script.

(e) repeat for the next speaker etc, till you reach the end of the script. For inset Directions, press RETURN then CTRL+SHIFT+V then drag&drop the directions.

This may seem long & tedious, but it really ain't too bad once you get into the swing of it. I have done scripts this way myself, from other people's poorly formatted scripts for them.

Once that initial stuff is over you can really start to enjoy the benefits & speed of my template system.

All the best

Revised by - Bill Williams on 5 Aug 2005 at 23:16:53

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