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By Altering the Templates
Jules Edit MessageUploaded - 22 Oct 2005 16:05

Hi Bill,

I've been using your tookit, and I'd like to make a few personal modifications to the template. Is there a way that I can do that without buggering up the macros?

I would like to have my name permanently on the front page, with my address. And I would like to have a standard footnote on every page.

I am writing a lot of sketches at the moment which means I'm filling out a lot of front pages!

Thanks for your help.
Best wishes,

Bill Williams

Edit MessageUploaded - 22 Oct 2005 16:08

Hi Jules,

You can't alter the macos themselves I regret, I had to password protect them as a copyright protection. However you should be able to write additional new macros which call upon mine.

It's unlikely that you actually want to alter the macros themselves (they control the dynamic actions not the appearance). You can very easily change almost everything else. for example change the front page details or the paragraph styles and fonts (using the standard MS Word facilities). Simply open your templates folder (c:\templates ?) right-click on the template you want to use as a basis and select OPEN instead of NEW.

This opens the template itself, instead of a new document based on the template. Type in your front page etc changes.

If you want to change styles, type a few sample paragraphs change the characteristics of those & use the modified paragrah to re-define the relevant style (see MS Word Help menu).

Then when you are ready delete the sample paragraphs to make it empty again and use SAVE-AS to save the result AS A TEMPLATE file. (this is an option on the file types dropdown list in the MS Word SAVE AS facility). Do your changes in stages & save each stage as a template with a different name, in case you get a change wrong; you can then restart your changes from the last successful stage.

Headers & Footers are a bit tricky, be aware that there are usually THREE MS Word SECTIONS in each template and you probably only want to change the footer of the THIRD section which is the actual script. Read up the MS help sections on Headers & Footers before you fiddle with them; changes there have an annoying habit of changing the footers of the other sections as well.

Save it in your templates folder (as constructed during toolkit installation) giving it a modified name so that you don't overwrite the original. Start each fresh script from the modified template.


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