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By My first computer
Bill Williams

Edit MessageUploaded - 2 Feb 2007 23:01

This is me standing next to a Ferranti Pegasus Computer, which was very very similar (same console etc etc) to the more powerful model the Mercury Computer. The first computer I used was such a Mercury and at that time it was the ONLY computer owned by the whole of the University of London.

Photo by: Andreas Schubert

I went to the Science Museum last Sunday (about which, more later). I wanted a photo of me next to the Pegasus, so I asked a passing stranger to take some with my camera.

He with his SO took my photo and was interested in my description of using the Mercury, so he took some pictures with his digital camera and has sent them to me by eMail. Ain't technology wonderful. My own pictures will need to wait as it was a film camera.


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