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By Vet's visit
Unknown Edit MessageUploaded - 6 Aug 2001 23:13

Vet's visit

A man walks into the vet's surgery carrying a dog and asks the vet to have a look at it. After checking it over, the vet turns to the man and says, "I'm very sorry to tell you this, but I'm afraid your dog is dead."

The man is quite put out by this and demands a second opinion. The vet, after telling him that it will do no good, goes out through a back door and some moments later reappears with a black Labrador.

The Labrador approaches the table where the dog is lying; he sniffs all round the dog, nudges it with his head, lifts up a paw and finally turns to the man, gives a sad sounding "woof" and goes out. The vet says, "I told you, the dog is dead."

The man is still not happy so the vet goes out again and this time reappears with a ginger tom cat. This proceeds to jump on the table alongside the body of the dog; it sniffs the body, raises one of the dog's paws with its head, prods the body with its own paw, and eventually turns to the man and gives a mournful "Miaou", jumps down off the table and leaves the room.

The man now turns to the vet and says "I suppose you are right - my dog is dead. How much do I owe you?" The vet goes to his desk, looks up some figures and says to the man "That will be £150"

"What!! That's ridiculous, I bring my dog in, you look at it and tell me it's dead and charge me £150 - it's disgraceful!"

"Well", says the vet, "If you had left it with me I would have only charged £20, but when you add in the Lab tests and the CAT scan......."



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