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By First thoughts on Twitter
Bill Williams

Edit MessageUploaded - 17 Feb 2014 13:24

I started wondering what all the fuss was about, so I created a Twitter a/c last week.

Still wandering around it trying to make sense.

Just following some News things like BBC & Guardian and the Northern Line Tube for starters. Then I found a colleague & started following him and some of the stars of Birds of a Feather.

I haven't posted anything yet though.

I found some tutorials on YouTube to work through to find out the obscure stuff.
This is the first one:

Journey into the Unknown

Journey with me into the far corners of Cyberspace, meet strange people, called Tweeters, and stalk them. These people (if they are indeed people not robots or dogs or sparrows) have small lungs and can only speak short statements at a time, but they illuminate their talk with weird symbol sounds with At-At-At-At like a WW-II sub-machine-gun and they are inveterate users of hash. Indeed even that Tweeter who calls himself "Metropolitan Police" has been seen using hash. They call their statements Tweets.

They talk of hashtags and I think these must be small electronic tracking devices affixed to the legs of Tweeters caught using hash, so that they can subsequently be more easily followed.

It is a land of thin glass walls with almost no privacy, Tweets are blared out of the public address system all the time, like a noisy train station so any nosey-parker can listen in on conversations and everything is recorded, by hidden scribes who will reveal at the touch of a click or a magnifying glass, incriminating statements you made years ago which you though were safely forgotten. {I'm told that WIVES do this too in real-space, but at least they keep it in the family}.

Occasionally however you find thick concrete block-houses which you cannot see into with nasty big bouncers on the door who demand to know your business and won't let you in until the Master approves you.

Venture into Twitter-land at your own risk and blame me not if you re-emerge, battered and confused with ears ringing.


Revised on 17 Feb 2014

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