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By Version 6 Scriptwriters' Toolkit is available.
Bill Williams

Edit MessageUploaded - 26 Sep 2020 00:39

Version 6 of the Scriptwriters' Toolkit is now released.

This works with modern versions of Microsoft Word, i.e those with a RIBBON interface, Including OFFICE 365 (aka. Microsoft 365)

Version 6 also works with modern versions of Word on the Apple computers running Office 365 (aka Microsoft 365) under MacOS.

Those users who paid an admin fee since 2010 can download Version 6 using their existing serial number.

Those who paid an admin fee long ago are expected to pay a new admin fee, but it is heavily discounted. Enter your old serial number to get the discount.

Those who have paid a Successware fee can, of course, use their existing serial number to download Version 6.

To obtain Version 6 start from:




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