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By My Computer Freezes
David A Edit MessageUploaded - 17 Nov 2001 02:28

My computer keeps freezing. I lose the mouse and I have to switch off without the proper shutting down procedure, which means of course that the start-up takes longer - apart from any other risks incurred.

This used to happen quite regularly at the moment when I clicked on the bottom left START button, preparatory to shutting down. To obviate this I now always shut down using the keyboard rather than the mouse.

However, over the past couple of days the computer has taken to freezing while using the Chessmaster 5000* - quite annoyingly in the middle of games which you then of course lose! It feels like there is just too much going on for the computer to cope with - or maybe it is just the mouse. Any thoughts of things I could try to try and prevent this from happening?

Many thanks - David.

Revised by - Bill Williams on 17 Nov 2001 at 02:30:06

Bill Williams

Edit MessageUploaded - 17 Nov 2001 02:31

Oh dear!

These kind of symptoms mean that some software somewhere in your computer is faulty. It could be almost anything and is very difficult to diagnose.

The fact that it is Mouse related indicates that it is probably in the Display Adaptor/Video Drivers, which for a notebook are particular to that design. Find the discs/CDs that came with the computer and look to see if there are video drivers there. Compare folder names with the name of the video chips which appears for a fraction of a second on the screen when you switch on, and may also be visible in the Device Manager under Display Adaptors. The Device Manager is reached by a right-button click on My Computer... then Properties...

If you find the Video Drivers let me know. Also it may be necessary to get updated drivers off the Internet to match up with the enhanced software service packs that have been installed.


Revised by - Bill Williams on 17 Nov 2001 at 02:32:36

David AEdit MessageUploaded - 17 Nov 2001 02:33

In Device Manager under Display adaptors I find:

NeoMagic MagicMedia 256AV

The IBM ThinkPad 380Z CD, under

Display driver, installing
for Windows 98

also refers to NeoMagic MagicMedia 256AV, and how to find it.

What do I do now?

Many thanks - David.

Revised by - Bill Williams on 17 Nov 2001 at 02:33:59

Bill Williams

Edit MessageUploaded - 17 Nov 2001 02:35

I will try find relevant info on the web.

We may need to force a re-install of of the Video drivers.


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