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By Upgrading to IE 5.5 and Outlook Express 5 (now obsolete)
Bill Williams

Edit MessageUploaded - 3 Aug 2001 01:47

Upgrading to Internet Explorer 5.5 and Outlook Express 5

It is not advisable to upgrade to IE5 if you have less than 32Mbyte of RAM in your computer. IE5 is a big program and your computer will become very sluggish if there is not enough RAM.

IE5.5 can usually be found on the CD that comes with the Magazine PC-PRO each month.
IE5.5 includes Outlook Express 5.

Outlook Express 5 has a totally new internal format for the email files and also it ignores your former location and stores the converted files where it thinks best. This will usually mean that any specific backups that you make for eMail will need to be revised.


Before installing IE5.5 use your old Outlook Express to export the address book to a CSV file, because Outlook Express 5 converts your emails and addressbook and I have seen it fail to convert the address book correctly. Then if the conversion of the addressbook goes wrong, you can Import the CSV file, to re-instate your addresses.

To export the address book drop down the File menu, select Export then AddressBook then Text File (Comma Separated Values) then choose a suitable name and store it in your "My Documents" folder.


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